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High Achievers: Meet Your Mentor, Maurice Andrew

How much control do you feel you have over your life? Do you believe in luck? Do you think the successful people are the ones who were just "at the right place at the right time?" Would you like to be your own boss? Build success online? Live a great lifestyle?


Aristotle wrote that "we are in more control of our lives than we think." He believed that, while there are events which happen without us doing anything, it is what we DO about those chance opportunities that will most determine the outcome.


I, myself, used to work in a job for 50-60 hours per week, working for someone else; making someone else rich. Then, one day, I decided ‘enough was enough.’ I did my due diligence and started my personal journey toward independence and freedom, and as a result of my being at cause, I realize it was the best decision I have ever made.

Many people have difficulty making decisions, but if you decide nothing else this week, decide to take control of your life today. Be responsible for your own destiny. Don’t be content to stay in the "victim mentality" of your past and feel that there’s nothing you can do.

There IS.


As long as you are moving forward, you are doing something. Don’t be content to stay where you care with the burden of financial stress. Be a high achiever and start today to build your home-based business. Becoming more in control of your life and financial future is the most liberating experience you could possibly experience.

Many people who once slaved away for someone else are now working at home with their home-based business, thanks to a program we have devised which can help YOU also to do just that.

So if you are tired of living day to day, fuelling other people’s dreams, take control. Now is the day to change it all. Because YOU and YOU ALONE, are the master of your own fate.

There is a reason you came to this page. What you DO about it will determine your outcome. You are at a crossroad for change. What will you do? You can change your life for the better today. I can help.

But keep in mind this opportunity is for serious, motivated individuals only — for those who desire to make an executive income, and not settle for just funding the dreams of someone else! Take the first step to becoming an independent business owner.

But if you choose to do nothing, you will only have yourself to blame.

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To Your Success!
Maurice Andrew
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